Facebook account and LoadXtreme account required.


  1. Go to LX on FB Messenger Facebook Page.
  2. Click the “Send Message” button.
  3. Send any message to the Facebook page, “Hi LX” will do.
  4. The page will send a reply message with an 8 character security code. Take note of the code.
  5. Go to loadxtreme.ph. Log-in to the online webtool with your ID number & PIK.
  6. Find the “Facebook Activation” button in the options on the left-side of the page.
  7. Enter the security code provided in step 4.
  8. Go back to the LX on Messenger Facebook page and send another message to verify
    your Facebook account’s access to your LX account.
  9. Congratulations! You can now keep loading via Facebook Messenger.
    Just remember to use the proper format and in ALL CAPS.

    You may also watch this video tutorial.